Bitdefender VPN Review

Based in Romania, BitdefenderVPN has over 1,300 servers across 27 countries, but their privacy policy was less than savory. Is it worth it?

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By Aliza Vigderman Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner Gabe Turner, Chief Editor
Bitdefender VPN - Product Image
Editors Rating:
8 /10

What We Like

What We Don't Like

  • No split tunneling: Split tunneling is one of our favorite “nice-to-have” elements on any VPN. Split tunneling lets you route a part of your internet traffic through a secure VPN tunnel while other traffic gets access through a public network.
  • No multi-hop: Like split tunneling, multi-hop is an excellent addition to any VPN. Unlike split tunneling, multi-hop helps aid security on the back end instead of usability on the front end.

Bottom Line

With torrenting and Netflix access, you'll never run out of things to watch with Bitdefender's Premium VPN.
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