Ukraine women not lost

Russia's war on Ukraine is, in many ways, a war of women. The fact that most women do not fight on the battlefield doesn not mean that their war experience are less traumatic than male soldier's realities.

Most of 5 million Ukrainian refugees afe women, children and the elderly, who left behind their husbands, sons and brothers to fight for their homeland.

Even once Ukrainian women reach a place of refuge, they will face problems in finding decent work, which is actually is international legal term that describes safe and fair work environments.

With this project we want to support all Ukraine women refugees and show that they are not forgotten and lost. Every woman represented in our collection is unique, pure and strong.

Part of the money we get from collection minting and royalty fees from secondary sales will be send to Ukraine charity organization Palyanitsia which is written in our smart contract.

Minting Begins

Jun 5 2022 15:00 UTC WL
Jun 5 2022 20:00 UTC Public

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Price per Mint

Whitelist: 0.5 SOL

Public: 0.8 SOL

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We created hand-drawn NFT collection of 404 Ukraine women with 80+ traits


The style of the work conveys the sophistication and beauty of the girls living on the territory of Ukraine. Each of the attributes, from the hair to the eyes, is hand-drawn by our artists with trepidation and diligence to convey the charm of our collection. The unique style of the work and the feelings invested in the collection show the people's desire for liberation and the cessation of suffering.

Our Roadmap

Launch website, Twitter, Discord and start build strong crypto community of NFT lovers and investors who want to support Ukraine women refugees and invest in exclusive and limited collection with high floor price.

Grow and boost our community with Discord and Twitter collabs and giveaways.

Reward our members for contribution in our community with whitelists and special roles with crypto reward prizes.

Collaborate with leading communities, best advisors and influencers in NFT world to build brand awareness, create partnerships and grow organically.

Launch mint when our mint day comes. First launch whitelist mint for whitelist members and just after launch public mint.

10% of money raised from our public and WL mint and 1% of royalty fees we send to Ukraine charity initiative Palianytsia. It's written in our smart contract.

Just after our sold out list our collection on Magic Eden, the largest Solana #1 marketplace. Later list our collection on Solanart, Solsea and other Solana marketplaces.

We open personal marketplace where our holders can list NFT from our collection with lowest 1% fees.

We open personal rarity checker service for our collection.

We open personal sale alerts service where to track all sales for our collection!

We build our DAO and private chat for holders and invest together in our future projects.

We develop NFT mobile apps for our community with early access to our holders.

We organize airdrops and giveaways for holders with crypto reward prizes.

We run special channel for holders with VIP crypto signals.

We run special channel for holders with exlcusive insights and news from NFT world.

We give our holders exclusive access to premium collab channel with WL from top NFT projects.

Our holders get WL and airdrops for our future collections.

We create our token and send airdrop for holders.

We create staking pool for our NFT collection. 

We launch our project in Metaverse.

Our Team

Alex Packer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Women 404 Ukraine?

Women 404 Ukraine is a collection from 404 NFT created to support Ukraine women refugees.

How much tratis are in collection?

We created exclusive and hand drawn collection with 80+ traits.

When the mint starts?

WL mint starts June 5, 15:00 UTC.
Public mint starts June 5, 20:00 UTC.

Who is the team?

Our team is crypto enthusiasts and NFT lovers. We want to support Ukraine women refugees.

What is Solana blockchain?

Solana is public, open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts, NFT and dApps. Solana is superior in terms of predictable, extremely low network fees and extremely fast live minting.

How I can check where go raised fonds?

You can check in our smart conract that we send 10% from mint and 1% of our royalty fees from secondary market sales to Ukrainian charity initiavite Palianytsia. Check their website - where you can find donation wallet what is the same as in our smart contract.

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